Since the church started in 1993 we have been fully committed to reaching out through missions and church planting, and to date have planted 8 more churches from our original congregation and established 7 further church plants across Europe and in China. We have ¬†organised and conducted countless mission trips to these and other locations, preached the gospel and supported the local teams financially and in prayer. Yet we have done none of these things in our own strength or by our own efforts – we give glory to our God who can give “abundantly, above and beyond what we can ever ask for or imagine” (Eph 3:20).

Pray, Give, Go

As a principle every mission trip we organize is being conducted by the entire church: all pray, all give, some go. We want our church planting teams and our short term missionaries to know that there is a large group of brothers and sisters that supports them financially and in prayer.

If you want to be involved in missions but can’t go yourself, you could make it possible for someone else to go. To give, please fill in a giving envelope in church on Sundays and specify that the donation is for missions. You can also mark it for a specific mission. Alternatively, please give online and, likewise, specify what your gift is for.

If you have any mission related questions do not hesitate to email them to missions@everynation.co.uk or  contact the church office.